Chroma Design Works

Chroma Design Works is the gallery’s services division, headed by Rob McLeod.  CDW provides a wide range of both practical and unique offerings for our clients. Rob's experience ranges from building display furniture such as pedestals, illuminated cabinets, specialty stands and studio furnishings to designing both interior walls and exterior garden terraces and spaces for art. We can transport and install or contract out for logistically challenging sculpture and large art work.

CDW also offers guidance on different types of lighting systems and wall support requirements, with consultations to learn our clients’ individual ideas.

Work Table, 60x72.JPG

Work Tables

Designed to meet the artist's needs for strength and stability and open storage for drying new works. Tables are constructed for easy disassembly and portability for studio re-locations.

Chroma Studio Partitions.jpg

Studio Partitions & Installation Walls

These partitions are constructed for sunlight distribution throughout the space, as well as for elegant strength. Some are devised for relative ease of layout change, while others can be designed with plywood beneath drywall for supporting extra weight.

Art Supply Storage/Window Seat

Birch construction with beveled corners and a piano hinge. This box is a practical and simple, but aesthetic, approach to storing one's art stuff.