Book: Repository of Missing Places

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Book: Repository of Missing Places


Repository of Missing Places
Richard Crozier's Paintings of Lost and Kept Charlottesville

Hardback; 48 pages. Published 2016. ISBN 978-0-692-66682-1

Editor-Publisher: Deborah McLeod, Chroma Projects

Essays by Richard Guy Wilson, Steve Thompson, Laura L. Knott, and Justin Sarafin

This book of Richard Crozier’s body of paintings spans a critical growth time frame in town to city evolution in Charlottesville. While many of the oldest paintings in this encompassing body of work are inaccessible now, missing or in older private collections, the images seen here nonetheless contain the spirit and substance of so many altering neighborhoods. They are recorded on site, capturing places that were lost or remain endangered. Some of Richard Crozier’s subjects were shells at the time of painting, their windows dark and boarded. Many are modestly iconic in the manner of dwellings one might encounter to be struck by how a family might live in such compact or fragile circumstances, or at the expression of cheerful paint choices on thirsty wood, autonomous in the midst of a lineup of sunlight bleached homes. These paintings whisper the fables of inevitable change under the mantle of progress, with their studies of buildings serving us the past as silent surrogates of former inhabitants.

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