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Floating Worlds: The Art of Sherrie Hunt

  • Chroma Projects Downtown 201 East Main Street Charlottesville, VA, 22902 United States (map)

The Art of Sherrie Hunt

Fridays and Saturdays, 1pm to 6pm and by appointment. 

Floating Worlds: The Art of Sherrie Hunt

Two themes are represented in this show with the common thread of floating imagery.  I have immense passion for nature and the well-being of our planet from the tiniest of creatures and flora to the oceans and forest.  The beauty and mystery of nature feeds my soul and awakens my creative spirit endlessly and at the same time, on a daily basis, I am reminded of it’s fragility for I am an advocate of species in jeopardy.

As I paint or create photographic images I pull up the visuals in my mind of the twisting vines, soft velvety petals, undulating foliage, familiar and foreign shapes and colors or perhaps the beauty and spirt of a bird.  These images pass through a filter of my imagination and then float out into my art so to speak.

Most of my pieces are laced with metaphors, some obvious, some not so obvious, of our connection with nature and the fragility of our planet.  The wings of a bird or petal of a flower not being fully painted would be examples of metaphors for the threat of extinction.  

The intelligent hawk is the seer of the future - the harbinger for the environment of our endangered planet in my paintings.

I desire to put beauty with an element of mystery out in the world with my work to engage the viewer and at the same time an underlying quiet message of the importance of cherishing our planet.  

The second theme in the show is work over the years inspired by tiny Chinese puppet heads I continually return to for inspiration.  The photo-based mixed media pieces perhaps will stir the viewers imagination and connect with them on an emotional level as will the more recently photographic collage prints.