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Tim O'Kane: One Intention In A Troubled World

Tim O'Kane: One Intention in a Troubled World

The painter loved the world

with its conflicts of light and shadow,

desolation and beauty.

His was just one intention in a troubled world,

the intimacy growing like ivy

around the obstacles of doubt,

as he watched...

Tim O'Kane, Alcantara #1.jpg


Tim O’Kane, excerpted from his poem Signature, 2008

Tim O'Kane has long been an observer and translator of the bounty and breadth of the world, from the smallest dapple of light on a surface, to the irregular, almost geological ridges of crumpled paper, to the pulsing volume in a human body or a stone.

This collection of works centers primarily around the wrapping of things; the concealing and swaddling of objects and messages within, and the carefully determined poesy of the wrapping materials themselves. Within every bundle there is an accompanying story about place and meaning, with a skin to protect or illuminate it.